Dial M for Murder

September 27, 2008

I love how I doctored my jewlery stand to resemble something ominous.  He’s right behind you!

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Still no pictures for you, terribly sorry; coping with the loss of my harddrive. Umm getting a lot of hits from the pingback I guess I left.  My my.  Hello strangers, please view my totally sub par photographs.

Anyway so, you should check this out. Pretty lovely…No, understatement.  Totally amazing.


Dead, gone

September 18, 2008

My harddrive officially crashed last night along with all my photographs so I’d say it’ll be about over a week before I’m able to post again.  I don’t think I’ll be able to recover any of my data (unless someone wants to donate $1000 for a clean room recovery).

Having no computer is an indescribably weird feeling, like I’ve reverted to my past when I only had a desktop that I’d occasionally use and when my life lied in things other than my electronics. It’s good to get away from the radiation and laziness I suppose, but I feel so disconnected from the world. What if I get an urgent email?? And I’m not able to respond until the next day?!  Yeah okay maybe this crash is good for me after all.  Til then,



Child at the Lake

September 17, 2008

This has a delightful old feeling to it. The kid’s outfit kind of tricks me into thinking its one of those full body suits of the early 20th century. All he needs is an adorable little sailor hat.  Speaking of which, how do you feel about hat girl in the right corner? Necessary or distracting?

P.S. (I sat up straight and this photo looked so washed out, but when I sat back in my chair and slouched it looked the way I meant it to–darker, more shadows). So the lesson today is, utilize bad posture while viewing these photos)

All out of good ideas

September 16, 2008

So instead here’s some close up shot of something probably not too enigmatic.  I’ll bring you a better picture next time, promise.

My Actual HDR #2

September 12, 2008

when i convert to PNG all the intensity is lost. here’s a PDF (i Know, i know) of what it should look like

Yes this is the PDF file

Hm. It looks a little dead here. It’s way more vibrant in Lightroom. I guess it’s because the poor darling photograph when through like 500 reincarnations– RAW to TIFF to PNG to JPG.  Well um I guess I’m semi-proud but the fruits of my 3 hour labor aren’t really apparent in this particular blog post.

Btw, my computer is angry with me and is playing the passive aggressive game. It’s obviously mad because I didn’t buy apple care for it. How do you get your HDR images onto the intarwebs? As soon as I open the JPG in firefox all the HDR qualities are gone; SO weird