HDR image #1: massive fail

September 10, 2008

i downloaded the trial version of photomatix with great zeal, ready to make my first HDR photo! i then positioned my camera on my desk– because i have no tripod– and took a picture of my room, because i was lazy and semi-skeptical that the camera would do the auto exposure bracketing correctly. Lo, it did do it correctly!

i uploaded the photos onto my computer only to find that iPhoto does NOT support RAW files. damn. so i hopped on over to the PC part of my laptop (split hard drive) and uploaded them into photoshop. except photoshop 7 ALSO does not support RAW files. woot.

whatever, i then realized all i needed was photomatix to open the files, so i re-downloaded the trial for my PC and opened the RAW files in it! i created the HDR image using the awesome tutorial at VanillaDays. and. it. was. suck. my composition was horrific, the lighting was awful, i didnt really know what i was doing with the adjustments, and my computer was Freaking Out.

the photo was so shameful that i won’t even post it here. damn.

i need: a tripod, LATEST version of photoshop for mac, photomatix non-trial, and practice pratice practice. so far, so discouraging. what a shame.

now, back to telecommunications law and policy reading 🙂


5 Responses to “HDR image #1: massive fail”

  1. versusnyc Says:

    Bummer. You can always try doing a single image HDR. In photomatix click file>open and pick an image with good highlights/shadows range and photomatix will render a pseudo HDR image. You definately need PS or Elements to fix up an HDR as they can be noisy and generally need touch ups anyway. My first HDRs were awful but i am getting better. Good luck.

  2. canadiangosling Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the info; I think I will definitely try that next time. When you photoshop the HDR image what do you usually do? Blur sharp edges type of thing or more along the lines of adjusting contrast/saturation/color balance? Though, I guess it depends on the photo.

  3. versusnyc Says:

    It really depends on what kind of look im going for in my image, i dont really like that over the top HDR though i seen some nice ones.

    The edits i do to the hdr are usually basic things like levels/curves, clone out anything distracting in the shot run high pass sharpen on the image and finally i run a noise reduction plug in to bring down the noise reduction. There are are all sorts of work flows that people use so no one way is the right way. You can find some examples of my hdrs here and here I will post some new ones on my blog when i have the time to go out and shoot some more.

  4. When you Tone Map in Photomatix, keep in mind there are no settings that work for every image. Each image will require some time working the sliders in Photomatix. Keep at it and you will be rewarded. I was. And it won’t take long.

  5. canadiangosling Says:

    Wow great to see such encouragement from the online photography community. Thanks so much for the pointers! Hopefully I’ll be able to display my attempts soon.

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