HDR #2 for [semi] serious this time

September 12, 2008

Hm. It looks a little dead here. It’s way more vibrant in Lightroom. I guess it’s because the poor darling photograph when through like 500 reincarnations– RAW to TIFF to PNG to JPG.  Well um I guess I’m semi-proud but the fruits of my 3 hour labor aren’t really apparent in this particular blog post.

Btw, my computer is angry with me and is playing the passive aggressive game. It’s obviously mad because I didn’t buy apple care for it. How do you get your HDR images onto the intarwebs? As soon as I open the JPG in firefox all the HDR qualities are gone; SO weird


2 Responses to “HDR #2 for [semi] serious this time”

  1. versusnyc Says:

    I don’t know what your first HDR looks like but this is not bad for a second attempt, try shooting just before sunset or sun up, you will get more interesting light range.

    Also i notice a lot of noise in this image especially in the sky, were you shooting with a tripod ? You can find a good HDR tutorial here. Maybe that will give you pointers.

    I dont know how you export out of LR but make sure you have the JPG quality to 100. That will help you keep those image details.

  2. canadiangosling Says:

    Thanks! Actually this is the fake, washed out version (it’s pretty much SOC with one color boost). My first actual HDR is the next post, and it’s a PDF because that’s the only accessible form I could create that would preserve the HDR qualities. I know, embarrassing.

    You’re right about the grain– I wasn’t using a tripod and therefore only took one shot, not three. I suppose that accounts for a lot of it.

    And thank you!! for possibly solving the JPG HDR mystery : )

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