Still no pictures for you, terribly sorry; coping with the loss of my harddrive. Umm getting a lot of hits from the pingback I guess I left.  My my.  Hello strangers, please view my totally sub par photographs.

Anyway so, you should check this out. Pretty lovely…No, understatement.  Totally amazing.


Dead, gone

September 18, 2008

My harddrive officially crashed last night along with all my photographs so I’d say it’ll be about over a week before I’m able to post again.  I don’t think I’ll be able to recover any of my data (unless someone wants to donate $1000 for a clean room recovery).

Having no computer is an indescribably weird feeling, like I’ve reverted to my past when I only had a desktop that I’d occasionally use and when my life lied in things other than my electronics. It’s good to get away from the radiation and laziness I suppose, but I feel so disconnected from the world. What if I get an urgent email?? And I’m not able to respond until the next day?!  Yeah okay maybe this crash is good for me after all.  Til then,